Notice to Parents

It has come to our attention that some of our students have food allergies towards nuts. One individual student has a very severe, life-threatening allergy and can not come into direct or indirect contact with nuts or products containing nuts, or other nut by-products. Therefore to protect this individual from coming into contact with nuts or nut derivatives, Gladstone Elementary School will be considered a, "NUT-SAFE SCHOOL".

To Be A Nut SAFE School -The following protocols need to be followed for this to happen:

1. All students, staff, and visitors are not allowed to have any nuts, or nut by-products in the school or on buses.
2. Parents need to check the ingredient labels on all processed food products to make sure they do not contain nuts or nut by-products before sending those food items to school.
4. All students, staff, and visitors that come into the school, that have had contact with nuts or nut products must wash their hands with soap and water before or immediately upon entering the building.

This decision may cause some inconveniance for some people, but the safety of our students is paramount, resulting in this action.
The following links will provide you information about food allergies and anaphalxis. There are also links about acceptable snack foods to help you with your food purchases for your children's snacks and lunches.